Who would have ever thought that charts and graphs could have something to do with fun?!
The Chart Attack app lets you create and share funny charts and graphs in minutes!

Chart Attack App - Funny Charts and Graphs - Available on the App Store

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  • Flick’n'Vote

    Simply flick through all the funny Chart Attacks in this gorgeous looking app and vote for the those you like!

  • Create and Share

    Create your own funny Chart Attacks and share them with your friends! Creating pie charts, line charts, column charts and venn diagrams has never been easier.

  • Earn Rewards

    Vote for Chart Attacks, share them with your friends and create your own Chart Attacks to earn rewards. The best Chart Attacks are rewarded too!

Chart Attacks

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  • Chart Attack App Ready for the iPhone


    Today version 1.2 of the Chart Attack app was made available in Apple’s App Store. This means that you can now create and share funny charts and graphs on the iPhone too! Here is the full list of new features: – Support for the iPhone! – Made it possible to save charts to the device [...]

  • iPhone Sneak Peek

    Chart Attack App Now on the iPhone

    Soon you will be able to create and share funny charts and graphs on the iPhone too. The Chart Attack app will be available for the iPhone in a few weeks’ time.  So do existing users need to pay for this new version of Chart Attack? No! The app will be released as an universal app which [...]

  • Chart Attack Version 1.1 Ready

    Chart Attack - Icon and Badge

    A new version of the Chart Attack app is ready in Apple’s App Store. Thanks to your feedback this update includes the following improvements: ★ Made it possible to receive push notifications whenever new Chart Attacks are published. ★ Created a sandbox where you can publish your test Chart Attacks. Chart Attacks that seems unfinished [...]